Keyword Research Tips for Starters

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Keyword research is possibly the most important part of search engine optimization. It helps guide how your content is written, how you approach your audience, and how you approach your content strategy. Many non-specialists in search engine optimization are just familiar enough with keyword research to be dangerous (ie, they know enough to start and stumble into either total success or total failure). Keyword research for SEO is finding the specific words and phrases that people use to search for information, along with figuring out relative search volume and competition among your target keywords.

Keyword research is the process of determining what keywords can drive quality visitors to the website.

Doing keyword research isn’t so much a single step or action as it is a process where each step informs the previous and the next step in the process. Here’s an overview of my SEO keyword research process for total beginners, which itself is part of the process of keyword mapping. When creating your website, you should think about which keywords are relevant to your business, and add them throughout your site, in articles and pages.

4 Interesting Tips

Google Adwords
Google bits of knowledge
Google Trends
Contender Website Analysis
Google Adwords

The Adwords look instrument will give you various catchphrase choices. You can likewise observe the opposition range and which is anything but difficult to utilize.



This apparatus investigate propelled highlights with Google Insights for Search. Google Trends gives significant data about watchwords, for instance when they have been sought by clients, from which area and in what dialect.

Google bits of knowledge

This apparatus offers a far reaching set of insights in view of hunt volume and examples. You can think about occasional patterns, geographic conveyances, and classification particular inquiries, and you can assemble every one of these factors together to get to a great degree particular.


Examine the key contender sites for the catchphrases focused on. Utilize comparable watchword varieties for your site. Select watchwords which has high hunt volumes with less rivalry.

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