Security Testing Services


As the cyber world is becoming more-and-more vulnerable to attacks, the security of the enterprise, customer data, and application availability are key concerns for enterprises.

Considering the damage caused by security breach to the entire business we offer a comprehensive approach to security-testing beyond penetration testing to promptly identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities in your applications.

We come in with years of experience and certified expertise in Cybersecurity enabling us to ensure that your business is hack-proof and help you get a deep insight into your cybersecurity state and provide specific recommendations to strengthen the protection.

Web Application Security Testing (WAST)

We offer a comprehensive array of Security Testing Services to identify and positively confirm vulnerabilities to effectively eliminate threats and not just ratify them.

Security elements such as integrity, confidentiality, availability, authentication, and authorization must be considered and tested to develop secure applications.

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Security Code Review

Security Code Review helps developers address the root cause of security problems by combining manual checks with automated tests to verify your applications’ code security.

We strive to identify encryption, buffer overflow, vulnerabilities, and other security weaknesses possibly overlooked in the development phase and provide you with actionable recommendations to close the security gaps in your application code.

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Penetration Testing

We always try to validate the security of your websites in advance of potential issues.

We aim to be your trusted partner for all of your web application testing and assessment needs.

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Penetration Testing

We check the protection of your entire applications to exploit security vulnerabilities, and define the measures to mitigate them.

Penetration testing helps in detecting vulnerabilities.

Considering the needs,both automated (via scanning tools) and manual testing methods, are carried for penetration testing.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment is a procedure to find all kinds of flaws or vulnerabilities in the System under Test (SUT).

The security testing team detects and prioritizes security weaknesses and provides customers further recommendations on how to mitigate them.

They evaluate the protection level, both manually and automatically.

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Execution Methodology

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Defining Scope

Information Gathering

Vulnerability Detection

Information Analysis and Planning